SwissBorg Raises €20M with Revolutionary Community-Centric Fundraising

• SwissBorg has raised over €20 million in a revolutionary community-centric fundraising approach.
• The company had an initial coin offering (ICO) that raised $50 million from 24,000 individuals in 2017/18.
• SwissBorg is a forward-thinking company that is dedicated to advancing the Web3 ecosystem and providing users with easy access to cryptocurrency investments and decentralized finance (DeFi) opportunities.

SwissBorg Raises Over €20M

SwissBorg has demonstrated the power of community-centric approaches in raising funds, outperforming even private and institutional investors by raising a total of 21,242,064 Swiss Francs through its latest funding round. The company sold 13,651,189 shares to 16,841 investors during this Series A fundraising which closed last Friday and reached a final valuation of approximately 200M Swiss Francs. This groundbreaking move sets new standards for fundraising and further underscores the potential of community-driven approaches in funding innovative companies.

ICO Raised $50 Million

Prior to this success, SwissBorg had already experienced success when it held its first coin offering (ICO) back in 2017/18 where it was able to raise $50 million from 24,000 individuals. This impressive achievement illustrates just how powerful tapping into communities can be when it comes to generating capital for projects or businesses.

Platform Enables Easier Crypto Asset Management

The SwissBorg app and ecosystem are designed to make managing crypto assets easier for users while also giving them access to decentralized finance (DeFi) opportunities so that they can benefit from the growth of this rapidly evolving industry. With an accessible and user-friendly experience offered on its platform, SwissBorg is well positioned to become the leader in the European crypto market.

Company Dedicated To Advancing Web3 Ecosystem

SwissBorg is committed to advancing the Web3 ecosystem as a whole as well by making cryptocurrency investments more accessible than ever before while also providing users with DeFi opportunities so they can capitalize on innovations in blockchain technology without having any prior knowledge or understanding of it.

Groundbreaking Move Sets New Standards For Fundraising

By reaching such high numbers successfully through its Series A fundraising round, SwissBorg has set new standards for what’s possible with community-driven fundraisers while also demonstrating just how powerful engaging public support can be when it comes to launching successful projects or businesses within the tech industry.

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