More Crypto Firms Leaving US Due To Confusing Rules: Ripple CEO

• Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse believes that confusion in the US regulations will lead to crypto firms and businesses leaving the country.
• He says Europe, UAE, UK and Singapore are providing clarity on digital asset regulation which is beneficial for founders and investors.
• The SEC is currently cracking down on crypto companies, leading to a legal tussle with Ripple.

Ripple CEO Predicts More Crypto Firms Leaving US

Ripple’s chief executive officer Brad Garlinghouse has expressed his belief that due to confusing regulations in the United States, more cryptocurrency firms and businesses will leave the country in favor of regions with clearer laws. He said that countries like Europe, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the United Kingdom, and even Singapore are beneficiaries of such regulatory confusion.

Regulatory Clarity Abroad

Garlinghouse mentioned that these areas are providing clarity on how to regulate digital assets which allows founders and investors to engage constructively with authorities. Europe specifically is reaping the rewards of this situation according to Garlinghouse who stated that “the U.S. has made it as confusing as possible as to what the rules of the road are for the crypto industry.”

SEC Crackdown

The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is currently taking action against crypto companies which is only furthering confusion in this regard as well as leading into a legal dispute between Ripple Labs Inc., its subsidiary XRP II LLC, and SEC itself.

Benefits for Other Regions

Due to this lack of clarity from American regulators, entrepreneurs and investment opportunities have been pushed outwards towards friendlier territories who can provide them with structure they need for their projects; thus allowing those countries more access to innovation than before while also giving American enterprises an incentive to move their operations abroad if they wish to stay competitive or develop their business further overseas where the environment may be better suited for them at present.


Overall it seems clear that other regions such as Europe or UAE have benefited from America’s lack of clarity when it comes to cryptocurrency regulation; offering a much more friendly environment for individuals looking to take advantage of blockchain technology while also providing them with more security than if they were operating within US borders right now given current events there surrounding digital assets.