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I am sure that at some point of time you must’ve wanted to try your luck and gamble online. The internet is laced with tonnes of options when it comes to online Casinos. List of Microgaming Casinos but how can one find the best online casino? I have been gambling online for a really long time and hence have decided to put together this site for people wanting to do the same. This site will essentially help you find top rank casinos which offer a secure environment for you to be able to gamble in peace without having to worry about anything else.

Best Online Casino – Comparison of the greatest casinos

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Pink Casino (For Players Worldwide)

100% Match – Get a Deposit Bonus of Up To $/£777

Club World Casinos is a renowned name in the Online Casino Industry and has been trusted by players from across the world for years. A casino that has been in business since 2005, they are known to accept casino players from any country around the world – which easily makes them one of the best online casino options out there. Independent auditors review their games for fairness from time to time and special attention is paid towards security. With all this, their casino gaming arsenal is not limited to any one game. As a player, you’ve a plethora of games to chose from – everything ranging from poker to craps. The casino offers a wide variety of deposit options for players and is known for their blazing fast withdrawals. Another plus point is their round-the-clock telephonic support available throughout the year for players, making them literally a phone call away for players seeking any kind of support.

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Bovada Casino (US Players Only)

$3000 Deposit Bonus awarded – 100% Match

If you’re from the United States, you’re in luck, since you can gamble online at Bovada! Bovada is a brilliant casino and I would’ve wholeheartedly ranked it above Club World, had it not been for the fact that they’re pretty conservative in terms of player acceptance from around the world. They have a surprising $3000 deposit bonus which is nothing short of AMAZING. Like Club World, Bovada too has an array of games you can choose to play. They have a pretty well developed casino software as well. Bovada offers a brilliant range of deposit options for its players and if you land a major hand or are in need of some cash, Bovada processes withdrawals at a super speed as well. All in all, Bovada is a sure shot WIN-WIN for everyone looking to gamble online and ranks in the list as one of the best online casinos present at the moment.

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Aladdin’s Gold Casino (Players Worldwide)

Receive 200% Match Deposit Bonus – 7 Day Unlimited

After the above two, as I struggled for another option to add to this list, I chanced upon an easy answer – Aladdin’s Gold! Aladdin’s Gold is a part of this list because like Bovada, it offers a pretty attractive deposit bonus too. A 200% match on any deposit that is made within the first week after a user registers. Hard to beat, right? If you’re like me and like to play with bigger hands, this deposit is a sure shot helping hand. Aladdin’s Gold has been going strong since its establishment in 2007. Like the previous ones, Aladdin’s Gold is loaded with a huge number of gaming options too. Not only this, they accept a lot of deposit options for you to be able to get going as soon as possible. Aladdin’s Gold offers a 24 hour, 7 days a week telephonic support as well and is known to handle its withdrawal requests pretty promptly too.


I am sure this question must’ve riddled your mind ever since you set out on your quest to find the best online casino. To answer your question – YES! Online casinos are extremely safe. The best online casinos in the market today are owned & operated by major players and large business houses who’ve been in the business for years, especially, the ones that I have recommended on this page. They follow a strict privacy policy and your personal information is safe with them. The also have a strong IT team working in the backend to ensure that their software is updated and secure. So your information is about as safe as in a bank. However, let me warn you that the internet has become a front for a number of petty websites posing as legitimate casinos which you take you in for a ride when it comes to your money. Be wary of these, perform your due diligence and only then start playing.


I have been gambling online for years now and I have my own personalized checklist which helps me shortlist the best out of the rest. For one, I start with the “age of operation” – the time the casino has been in business for. I then proceed on to read up about their software security and the kind of security encryptions they’ve deployed. Once I am convinced, I further read up on their deposit and withdrawal history and look up for complaints made by users (if any) and the company’s resolutions initiatives. If am satisfied, these casinos get added to my arsenal of recommended ones.